Nothing wrong in meeting Finance Minister:MUKUL


Kolkata/New Delhi: After speculation went high about Mukul-Jaitley meet. The former rail minister dodged volleys tactically replying that there is nothing wrong in meeting Arun Jaitley as he is the Finance of the country and an eminent member of the house. Earlier Mukul was stripped of his post as the Chairman of TMC’s Parliamentary Committee and replaced with Derek O’Brien.

Although Mukul is terming the meeting as a mere procedure, but many are suspecting that it is a tactical move on Roy’s part. Some of the recent statements made by Mukul Roy have surely stirred up the ongoing political cold war between TMC and BJP. Mukul’s statement in connection to Subhendu Adhikary has raised quite a few eyebrows within the TMC interior. On asking him about the ripping off Subhendu from the post of the Youth President of TMC, Roy had said that the move was not justified. There was no need of such a decision on the party’s behalf.