‘I Am Not A Woman, So I Don’t Have Bad Days’: Putin


Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin does not have bad days because he is “not a woman”, and would rather not shower next to a gay man because he wouldn’t want to “provoke him”.

The Russian President’s comments came in series of interviews with American film director Oliver Stone on topics ranging from geopolitics to gay rights and Edward Snowden.

“The Putin Interviews”, a documentary comprised of conversations with the Russian president that took place between July 2015 and February 2017, show Putin musing on life and philosophy.

“Do you ever have a bad day?” Putin was asked during a tour of the Throne Room, and he said, “I’m not a woman so I don’t have bad days.” He then doubles down on the misogyny, explaining that, “There are certain natural cycles which men probably have as well, just less manifested. We are all human beings. It’s normal. But you should never lose control,” the Guardian quotes Putin, as saying.

On the question whether gays can serve in the military in Russia, Putin said, “If you’re taking a shower in a submarine with a man and you know he’s gay, do they have a problem with that?”

Putin even denied that there was any persecution of gay people in Russia, despite a law being passed against the “propaganda of homosexuality among minors” and recent reports of a “gay purge” in the Russian republic of Chechnya. When asked whether he would be comfortable showering next to a gay man, he said no.

“I prefer not to go to the shower with him. Why provoke him? But you know, I’m a judo master,” said Putin laughing.

In the interview with Stone, Putin reveals that he once suggested to former U.S. president Bill Clinton that Russia may consider joining a Washington-led military alliance.

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