They Are Rohingyas & They Are Not Terrorist


Kolkata: Vehemently opposing the Centre’s stand against providing asylum to the Rohingyas in the country, the chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Monday claimed that all of them are not terrorists. Some of them, who have terror links, should be treated accordingly, she asserted at Nabanna, the state secretariat, while adding that those who are innocent should not suffer due to others.

The Trinamool Congress supremo’s observations came on a day the Union Government told the Supreme Court that the Rohingyas pose a ‘serious threat to national security’ in India.

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Mamata Banerjee said, “Seeking information from us the Centre has directed to prepare a list of the Rohingyas, the children, staying here. It has also instructed for their deportation. Our child commission however does not agree with it.”

Expressing her sympathy for the Rohingyas she added, “I think all commoners are not terrorists. A few can be terrorists. The terrorists should be considered as the terrorists. There is a difference between the terrorists and the commoners. There may be some good and bad people in each community. But community is community. We can not compromise any terrorist activity with anybody else.”

Banerjee noted, “If there are any terrorists, the goverment is there to take action against them. But the commoners should not suffer. It is a humanity. If the commoners suffer then the humanity will also suffer.”

Her disagreement with the Centre on the issue came on the heels of her tweet supporting the Rohingyas.

“We do support the @UN appeal to help the Rohingya people. We believe that all commoners are not terrorists. We are really concerned,” she tweeted on September 15 evening.