‘Not East-West Metro But Lack of Reformation Behind Collapse’


Kolkata: The actor-turned politician Roopa Ganguly on Wednesday morning visited the place of accident at Majerhat bridge and delivered her observations regarding the incident. She said, “the work of East-West metro has not affected the Majerhat bridge. Maintenance and lack of reformation caused the disaster.”

After monitoring the place she talked with the local people and rescue team members. Many people have blamed the work of East West Metro pillar for not keeping a minimum gap in between them. But Roopa Ganguly has completely ignored that fact as baseless and gave and described the whole thing scientifically.

She described the fact like, “there is no flaw in the underconstruction pillar of metro. If it was because Metro pillar, it was also been affected. It is a simple outcome of infrastructural lackings.”

roopa ganguly also criticised the ‘developmental’ Attitude of Mamata Banerjee government. She said, “Blue-white is distrubing people. Mamata Banerjee only talk about people doen’t think about them.”

She firnly said the accident demands a scrutinization of facts and figures and conditions of flyover to avoid such disaster.