Norwesters Create Havoc In Kolkata, More Rain Predicted


Kolkata: As according to the predictions, rain started since Sunday evening. But the entire scene changed after norwesters hit the city in the wee hours of Monday morning twice. Chaos and havoc created as a result. It is being presumed that the rainfall will increase.

The storm hit Kolkata and its adjoining areas. Trees were uprooted in several parts of the city leading to disruption of traffic.

The amount of rain in Alipore and its adjoining areas are 15.6 milimeter. The minimum temperature in Kolkata fell from 21 to 16.8 degrees which is 3 degrees less than the normal. The maximum humidity is 96 and minimum 26 %. A total of 18.8 mm rainfall was received in Kolkata.

Dum dum received 45.2 mm, Bankura 11.8 mm, Burdwan 12.4 mm, Canning 24.2 mm, Diamond Harbour 16.6 mm, Midnapore 19 mm. Almost all districts received rain.

Trees were uprooted in Kolkata and Bidhannagar roads due to the violent storm. Several roads were blocked due to trees and electric wire getting uprooted. The KMC has already ordered to clear the road by moving the trees.