North Korea Launches Missile Over Japan


Pyongyang: North Korea has test fired a missile over Japan in an unprecedented act that is likely to further enflame tensions in the region, Japan’s national broadcaster has said.
It is the latest act of aggression by the communist state since it fired missiles into the Sea of Japan three days ago, following comments from President Trump that he would meet any threats from North Korea with “fire and fury”.

If initial reports prove correct and a long-range missile has been flown over the Japanese mainland, this will be regarded as a far more provocative action than flying shorter-range weapons into the sea.

The government’s J-Alert warning system advised people in the area to take precautions, but public broadcaster NHK said there was no sign of damage. The Japanese military did not attempt to shoot down the missile, which passed over the country’s territory at around 6:06 am. local time (21:06 GMT).