North Korea Developing Nukes To Strike London


Pynogyang: North Korea is a “massive threat” to Brits amid fears Kim Jong-un is developing nukes which could strike the capital, the Defence Secretary has warned. Gavin Williamson branded the Hermit Kingdom a “real danger” and insisted the UK must “step up” to deal with the tyrannical regime.

And he claimed the threat was a “global problem”, as US President Donald Trump blasted the “nuclear menace” posed by Pyongyang. But Mr Williamson insisted Britain would “never hesitate” to deal with military aggression when quizzed about whether the UK is preparing for an attack. North Korea is a massive threat, they’re a real danger to this country”, the defence chief told the Evening Standard.

“They are currently on the pathway to have ballistic missiles that could strike London. “This isn’t just a problem for the United States, this is a global problem. “Britain has to step up in terms of dealing with it, there are threats emerging right around the world.”

Kim’s regime expanded its nukes programme to include weapons said to be capable of reaching America. US scientists estimate North Korea’s latest missile, tested just weeks ago, could have rocketed 8,000 miles. The UK is just 5,400 miles from Pyongyang.