North Dinajpur Bandh: Commoners Likely to Suffer


Raiganj: Normal life is likely to take a harde hit as North Dinajpur BJP has called a 12 hour strike on Tuesday in North Dinajpur area. The mixed effect is seen all-around.

BJP supporters vandalized two trucks on the morning in front of Raiganj BJP office. In other hand the supporters set fire on a bus on 31 no highway. They are doing Picketing al around the area.

BJP’s Civil disobedience program leads to battlefield in Raigunj’s Administrative office area on Monday, police said. Police lathi charged to disperse crowd. Police was Firing of Rubber Bullets, Tear gas and water cannon.

As per Schedule thousands of BJP supporters had gathered around 1:30 p.m near the Administrative Office. Headed by BJP leader Ritesh Tewari and district President Subhro Roychowdhury , these supporters faced trouble by police when they broke the barricade and tried to enter the DM’s office.