North Bengal Congress President Joins BJP


Balurghat: Nilanjan Roy, young district president of South Dinajpur with a young mind has quited from his position and took BJP’s flag on Sunday.

In a program at Gulmohor of Balurghat Nilanjan Roy praised Congress President Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury. he said Chowdhury is and will be his favourite political leader. He honored and applauded Adhir Ranjan’s fight against ruling party Trinamool. But he feel Congress president’s effort has not been glorified by the higher authority.

On the one hand, Congress MLA Manoj Chakraborty is getting pounding by Trinamool. Several incidents like assaulting MLA firoza Begum and bomb pelting in Abu Hasem Khan Chowdhury have alleged TMC in different couse of time. On the other hand, Congress high-command is celebrating iftaar and planning for a alliance with Trinamool in upcoming Lok Sabha election.

Nilanjan Roy after signing in BJP almost challenged congress top leadership by announcing jihad against Rahul Gandhi and entire congress. He said in a filmy way that “yeh toh sirf jhaki hain, Aur Bangal mein bahaut kuch baki hain.” He is firm that many people from different party and district wants to join BJP.