None Protesting Against Bakri-Eid Bloodbath: Biswa Hindu Parishad


Kolkata: Raising questions over the sacrifice of an animal on the occasion of Eid ul-Adha, the Kolkata’s Biswa Hindu Parishad questioned that why were people mum on the sacrificial blood-bath when they always raise their voices against the use of sound-making crackers in Diwali and use of waters in Holi.

Speaking to Kolkata24x7, media co-ordinator of Biswa Hindu Parishad, Sourish Mukherjee said, “Look! We have no objections about any festival. But cow is a pure animal for the majority of Hindus living in West Bengal. Several environment-lover friends and social working organisations demand to not use loud fire-crackers or not waste water during Holi. But these people are mum today. No organisation is demanding for the celebration of Bakri Eid without shedding blood.”

The PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have always raised their
voice against animal cruelty. Their protest was noticed widely during the infamous ritual of Jalikattu in Tamil Nadu last year. But why is PETA silent when it comes to Bakri Eid, questions netizens in social media. Many have also mocked saying that, “PETA is on casual leave or CL.”

There is a history behind Eid ul-Adha. Prophet Abraham had a dream where he saw
himself sacrificing his 10-year-old son. An ardent believer of God, Abraham proceeded to sacrifice his son. But God sent his angels and asked him to sacrifice an animal instead of his son. Then a dumba was sacrificed. It is a fat-tailed domestic sheep known for their distinctive large tails and hindquarters.

On this auspicious day, the Muslims worldwide, sacrifice an animal which is dear to them. They do this to prove their devotion and love for Allah. Eid al-Adha marks the final day of Haj. Haj is the annual pilgrimage that Muslims are required to undertake once in a lifetime.