Nobody Stops To Help Woman With Head Stuck In Subway Doors


New York: A disturbing video has emerged on Instagram which shows a middle-aged woman with her head stuck between the doors of a subway in New York. A number of commuters walk past her, including a woman wearing a Metropolitan Transportation Authority uniform, but not one stops to help. In less than 12 hours of being posted, the video has already been viewed over 1,200,000 times.

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In the clip, the woman’s head can be seen sticking out of the subway doors, her handbag dangling out as well. The rest of her body remains inside the train compartment. The train is stopped at a station.

Strangely, the woman does not seem particularly distressed by her predicament nor does she call out for help. A person in the background can be heard yelling for someone to open the doors.

The video appears to have been filmed by a passenger in another train across the platform. “No one helped this lady. Shame on them,” comments one person on the Instagram video.

“The fact that no one stopped to help is alarming,” adds another. One person lashes out at the person filming, asking why he or she did not help: “…there’s a human being behind a ‘camera’ filming the whole thing…instead of helping this woman…Nothing should have that much control over you, to where you don’t even help people.”

The video ends before it can be established how the woman was finally freed and how long she remained trapped like that. It remains unclear which New York City subway station the video was filmed in or whether the woman suffered any injuries.