Nobody Can Derail Development, ‘Vikas Hi Jeetega’: PM Modi


New Delhi: PM Narendra Modi greeted the nation from BJP Headquarters shortly after BJP won the Gujarat and Himachal elections. PM Modi saluted the poeple of Gujarat and HP for choosing the agenda of development over casteism. He vowed to carry on the work of development further and take these states to new highs.

“I bow down before the people of Gujarat and Himachal as they chose the path of development. The nation has rallied in support of Demonetisation and GST,” said Modi.
He termed the election results as historical and slammed the opposition for criticising demonetisation and GST. PM termed the win as extraordinary for his party and said the fight against corruption will continue.

“Today, common man has several dreams. Himachal Pradesh results have shown that if you indulge in corruption then people will reject you,” he added.

PM also said that the people of India are now ready for reforms like GST and believes in transformation. He added, “For me, Gujarat polls are a matter of double happiness. I am so happy that after I left the state, my colleagues there continued the good work.”

“The country is englufed in the envionment of development after 2104 General elections. The country is hunger for development. Opposition must stop its efforts to derail development agenda of BJP,” said Modi.

Modi addressed the people of Gujarat and thanked them for taking the state out of casteism and adopt the agenda of development and unity. “We are working since 30 years to uproot the posion of casteism in the state and people are with us inspite of efforts to sow the seeds of casteism in Gujarat by few people in the lead up to the elections,” he added.

He congratulated the BJP workers who worked tirelessly in the states and credited the win to them. He urged Gujarati brothers to unite and continue their fight against corruption and casteism.