No Takers For Dilip Ghosh’s JU Comments


Kolkata: There seems to be no takers of BJP State President Dilip Ghosh’s ‘shameless’ comments on JU girls. While Mayureshwar’s BJP Candidate Locket Chatterjee condemned his comments, Roopa Ganguly kept mum in a bid to avoid further controversy.

BJP Candidate Locket Chatterjee clearly stated that she does not support the comments made by BJP’s state president Dilip Ghosh. She said that, “There is no question of supporting his comments.” While on the other hand, Howrah’s BJP candidate Roopa Ganguly is silent on the issue as she said, “No comments”.

According to sources, there is an ongoing crititcism against Dilip Ghosh’s controversial remarks within the party. It is being reported that leaders of the party from Delhi have made calls to him in a bid to warn him for such comments. Several leaders from the state have also condemned his remarks.

Amidst such condemns, Dilip Ghosh stands firm on his statements. Dilip Ghosh on Sunday sought to justify his calling a section of Jadavpur University female students “shameless” even as his remarks continued to attract widespread outrage.

“The male students wear women undergarments while female students put up sanitary napkins to voice their protest, they publicly kiss each other in the name of protest. Is this decency? Is this what we want our next generation to learn,” he said.

The Bharatiya Janata Party leader was referring to the twin protests in 2015 – the ‘sanitary pad’ campaign against rape and sexism and the “Kiss of Love” against moral policing, undertaken by a section of varsity students.

“I have used the language that suits them. If what they (students) do is decency, then I have used apt language for them,” added Ghosh, who, in response to charges of molestation brought against ABVP activists during a scuffle in the varsity over the screening of Vivek Agnihotri’s film “Buddha in A Traffic Jam” on May 6, wondered why female students were present during the clash.

BJP chief Dilip Ghosh raised more controversy by speaking against Intellectuals from Kharagpur in a press conference. He said that, “Go and see what is happening at the hostels. No one from there can derive good education. Whatever is happening in Jadavpur, is it freedom? I have used the language that suits them.” He also added that “Does the intellectuals support Jadavpur’s incident? There is no place for decency in Jadavpur. So I am speaking to the parents that those students whom you have sent for education, do you support them if they kiss in the open? I have protested against it. I grieved seeing such things.”

Dilip Ghosh also said that, “Freedom is being spoken about. But what freedom are they speaking about? Many are saying that we have become against the women. Should we support if men wear women undergarments and protest. I am clearly saying that the intellectuals are doing clever acts while sitting in several shows shown on TV. They are uttering huge comments. They are trying to educate us. We do not need to learn manners from the communists. A few are having problems but the rest of Bengal are supporting us. Whatever I have said, I said it after great thoughts. What I have said is right.”

When asked for Locket Chatterjee’s comments on these remarks of Dilip, she said, “As a person, Dilip da is a simple gentleman. But when any wrong is done to women, I have always protested. Even now I will protest and not support. She thinks that “Campus politics must remain in the campus itself. No party from the outside should influence politics in the campus. Even I have many friends who used to actively take part in politics during their student life. But in future none of them kept themselves involved. So the students should concentrate on their studies in this 4-5 years that they get. This is what I want.

On the other hand, Rupa Ganguly said “No Comments” to the issue. What can be its reason? Is it to avoid controversy?