No Question Of Giving Resignation : Sovan


Kolkata: Brushing aside all speculation that he is going to be replaced as Mayor, Sovan Chatterjee on Tuesday confirmed that he would continue as the first citizen and would carry out his duties as minister of three departments.

Chatterjee said he had a discussion with Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and claimed that he had apprised her of the situation. He alleged that some people with vested interests were involved in mud-slinging and “playing the nasty game” of highlighting his personal life. “I had a discussion with Mamata Banerjee but she did not take the name of Baishaki Banerjee even once,” he said.

The Mayor said there was no question of going back to his ancestral house. “We have been married for 24 years but the way my faith has been demolished, my mortal remains will not go back to that house,” he maintained. Expressing his deep gratitude towards Baishaki Banerjee, the Mayor said “When I was facing trouble from my family members, she stood beside me and gave me mental support and inspiration. How can I forget her gesture?” he said.