No Permission To Land Chopper, Yogi Adityanath Sets Off By Road


Lucknow: After being denied permission to land his chopper in West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath will on Tuesday land in Jharkhand’s Bokaro and then travel to West Bengal’s Purulia district by road to address a public rally.

The Mamata Banerjee-led West Bengal government has been having a running feud with the Centre over various issues and has been accused of denying permission for rallies by the BJP, which has condemned Banerjee over the obstacles faced by the party in conducting events in the state.

“Yogi’s meeting is happening,” said BJP Bengal vice president Pratap Banerjee, who is in charge of arranging the meeting in Purulia.

The ground permission is in place. Police have accepted the application for permission to use microphones but is yet to say yes or no. We are assuming their silence to be their nod, Banerjee added.

Before leaving for Jharkhand, Adityanath posted a series of tweets accusing Mamata Banerjee government of indulging in vendetta, violence and corruption.

Yogi was scheduled to address two rallies in West Bengal on February 3, one in North Dinajpur district’s Raiganj and the other in South Dinajpur district’s Balurghat. However, the state government refused permission for Yogi’s chopper to land for both rallies.

Later in the day, Yogi addressed the rally in Raiganj via telephone and accused Banerjee of carrying out“shameful” activities.