No Permission Required For Recruiting Minority Schools’ Staffs


Kolkata: The State Government gave a green signal, on Tuesday, to the minority schools so that they could recruit on their own.

Recruitment of the head mistress, teachers or the non-teaching staff could be done without taking prior permission of the concerned authorities. In times of a vacancy in the school’s education department, the schools will have the right to publish advertisements of their own and start recruiting candidates without taking anyone’s permission. This privilege comes as a blessing to the minority schools which have received certificates from the Indian Government and Minority Development Ministry. These minority schools are affiliated to the Indian Government. This information was published in the February edition of the Gazette.  Atleast 500-600 such schools are there in the state. The other schools under the state government must take permission from the concerned district observer before recruiting.

This step comes as a blessing to the minority schools as per many. There are other advantages too. Some teachers have said that it was a long process because initially permission had to be taken from the DI first. For that, notice for permission had to be taken. Granting such permission usually took long period. Then after receiving the permission, recruitment through advertisement followed. So this responsibility if given to the respective schools, then it would be a better step.

Another change has been made. If any teaching/non-teaching staff dies while on duty, then anyone from the deceased person’s family will get a job in that school. Till date the rule was to give, job as a teacher or non-teacher in the primary section, to the deceased’s kin according to his/her educational qualities. But the changed rule states that the person would get the job in the non-teaching field. Thus, this means that in spite of having educational qualities, he/she will not get any post in the teaching department of the primary section.