No ‘Paper’ For Greek Newspapers


Athens: Amidst the ongoing economic chaos in Greece with banks shut and a probability Greece crashing out of the euro zone, leading Greek newspapers like the Empros daily on the island of Lesvos are running out of paper and could be forced to stop sale altogether until the banks open again.

The island’s biggest selling newssheet, Empros has already reduced the number of pages to 16 from 20 and its chief executive Manolis Manolas hopes he won’t have to make further cuts as the country’s cash crunch worsens. Greek banks have been shut for almost two weeks after capital controls were imposed.

“There is a definite problem with paper supply,” Manolas told Reuters by phone. “Our supplier can’t provide us with it, as it is stuck in customs. He can’t pay the foreign suppliers, as bank transfers are blocked and there’s very little cash to continue operations”.