No Nursery Admission Without Having Aadhaar


New Delhi: With just 10 days for the deadline to submit the registration forms for admission to nursery classes, the parents are a worried lot, fretful about whether their children’s Aadhaar cards will be delivered in time for the process.

While the Directorate of Education has said the Aadhaar cards of the parents are sufficient to prove identity, several schools are demanding the child’s card too.

According to a report in “The Times of India”, It was only after the admission process began that several parents learnt about the necessity of their wards’ Aadhaar and hastened to have the identity card drawn up.

In the meantime, while some schools are allowing parents to submit just the Aadhaar enrolment number during registration, others have put them in a quandary by making it mandatory to mention the actual Aadhaar number. The last date for submission of completed registration forms is January 17.

Seema, a parent, grumbled on that most schools were refusing to accept applications without the Aadhaar details, but some others pointed out that schools had given them breathing space by allowing them to enter only the card enrolment number during the registration process.

Abhishek, another parent, was happy that this would allow parents to go ahead with the registration for now and to submit the Aadhaar details before the admission procedure ended in February.