No Need For Big Leaders, Says Dilip Ghosh


Kolkata: State BJP president Dilip Ghosh instructed party members on Saturday to
make a place in the minds of the common people by conducting rallies in every area,
and not by bringing in big leaders.

Addressing at the State Executive Meeting at EZCC salt lake, Dilip Ghosh said, “We
give birth to leaders in every lane of the city. Many television channel experts,
during the last Vidhan Sabha elections, used to question the existence of the
saffron party in the state. We have answered to that question. Our workers have
worked hard enough to bring up the party’s position to number 2 from number 4. We
will not leave this opportunity.”

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However, questions arise that who did Dilip Ghosh aim at with his ‘big leader’
comment. Did he aim at Mukul Roy who was sitting just a little away from the stage?

Dilip informed at his address that activeness in every booth will have to be
increased during the Durga Puja. The work of the organisation needs to be increased
too. The area’s booth where the BJP party is inactive, work has to be done there
despite knowing that it is difficult. Correction of the voter list will begin soon
after the Durga Puja.

Narendra Modi’s programme is scheduled in the state. Prior to the programme, Dilip
Ghosh instructed district party leaders to complete the work of the Morcha.
According to Dilip, it is just the wait of time to see Modi-government come to
power once again. However, it needs to be seen that how much will be the effect in
West Bengal. A good number of seats must be won from West Bengal so that bills can
be passed in the Assembly easily.

Dilip Ghosh also said that it is similar to the Kurukshetra war. While comparing,
he said that once state BJP played the role of Sanjay (Just look and repeat). But
times have changed because now BJP will play the role of Arjun.

Dilip said, “Shiv Prakashji called me from Delhi and asked me to say in ten
minutes. The PM’s rally will be held in West Bengal but where will it be done. I
said, it is a big work, how can I say in ten minutes. But he insisted and said that
if I do not say then the PM’s rally venue will go to some other place. I started
making calls but no a single communication was possible. At the end, the decision
was taken in ten minutes that PM’s rally will take place in West Midnapore.”

Dilip also said that BJP won in 6 thousand seats in panchayat. The ruling party did
not allow the BJP to set up board in several places. If anyone wants to change
party and come to BJP, then he is welcomed.