No More Standing In Queues For Buying Local Train Tickets


Kolkata: Purchasing railway tickets become much easier with the introduction of the QR code from December 1, which is Saturday. As a result of this, one will not have to stand in long queues to buy tickets.

The QR code has been started at all stations on the city which fall in the Sealdah division. According to the Eastern Railways, QR code means Quick Response code.

This was first used in Japan for automatic machines. This code helps to exchange information very quickly. For buying local train tickets, the Indian railways have already started the UTC app. But it has a disadvantage. The ticket will have to be purchased at the station area only using this app. Hence, the QR code has been brought to ease the process.

How to use the app?

According to railway sources, the QR code will be available at all stations in the city under the Sealdah division. You can buy the ticket to your destination by just scanning the QR code.

If you want to purchase the ticket using your app, then the QR code reader will be available in your mobile. Then after going to the particular station, and then scanning the code will give you the ticket.