No More ‘Lovin’ It’ On McDonalds Restaurants


New York: McDonald’s! For the love of boot-shaped nuggets, y’all need to reel it in over there. All-Day Breakfast was a blessing, but now you’re getting a little crazy with some of these changes. If you thought their new bags and mozzarella sticks were too lit, Mickey D’s might now be changing their famous catchphrase. Yes folks, pretty soon you might not be “Lovin’ It” any longer. What’s the new jingle? According to Eater, Burger Business reports the fast food company has filed a trademark for the phrase, “the Simpler the Better.”

Ugh, what!? Snooze! What is happening with this company? We know everyone’s trying to go healthy and stuff but c’mon MacDo, you’re so much better than this. In fact, they should really follow the advice of that potential new slogan and just not fix what isn’t broken. Sorry, we’re a little heated here.

What do you think about the possible new catchphrase for McDonald’s? If you had to come up with it, what would it be? Tell us your ideas in the comments!

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