No More ID Proof For Booking Tatkal Tickets


New Delhi: Passengers booking tatkal train tickets will no longer have to furnish identity proof from September 01, as the Indian Railways have decided to scrap the provision.

“Under the modified rules, there will be no need to furnish photocopy of proof of identity while booking Tatkal ticket from computerised reservation counter or to indicate its number at the time of booking of tatkal ticket at the counter or through internet,” said a railway statement.

However, one of the passengers has to produce the original proofs of identity during the journey to avoid being penalised. Officials said the decision to do away with producing identity card while purchasing tatkal ticket was taken to avoid any duplicity as the passengers had to produce identity proof at the time of the journey too.

The present provision also led to harassment of those passengers carrying a different identity proof at the time of the journey than the one produced at the time of booking tickets, thus being penalised in the process, they said.

Currently, passengers at the time of booking a ticket has to provide a photocopy of identity card which he/she will carry during the journey.