No More Metro Tickets Without Taking Station’s Name


Kolkata: “One, 5 rupees ticket please!”

Yes, we have uttered these very words while purchasing our Metro ride tickets. The amount has changed today, but our way of ordering hasn’t.

The Metro Railways have decided to curb these very menaces in the city. The passengers will have to say the station name of their destination. If they do not, then they would not be given tickets. The Metro authorities have decided to start a test run on this process soon.

According to sources, instructions to inform the station name while cutting the ticket, has been put up at the walls of the counters. Apart from these station where these have been put up, the metro officials are asking for the station names. But why did the authority take such a decision?

Indrani Banerjee, PRO of the Metro Railways, said that,”We have started this test-run at few metro stations. Gradually, it would be introduced at all the other metro stations. Many complexities arise when passengers purchase their tickets by informing the cost. Several purchase the least amount of ticket and travel more than the required distances. Several other problems are also encountered. Hence this decision has been taken.”