No Male Teachers In Kolkata Girls School


Kolkata: Several foul incidents happened in the city schools, and the rise of the alarming sexual harrasment in the school is growing up by leaves and bouns. Thus a step is taken by Girls’ schools run by Christian missionaries will no longer recruit male teachers for dance, music and physical training while those retained will train students only in the presence of a female teacher.

Father Moloy D’Costa, the general secretary of the association, said it had been decided to make it mandatory for all guardians to submit details of the transport their wards use before the start of each academic session.

Guardians will also be required to keep schools informed of any change in mode of transport, either personal or hired, in the middle of the session.
“The school will not be liable for any untoward incident involving transport if the parents do not update changes in the official records,” D’Costa said.

The decisions are likely to take effect after a circular is sent to the founder bodies of Christian missionary schools. The other recommendations include comprehensive CCTV surveillance, identity cards for both student and escort and restrictions on entry of male staff engaged by contractors during school hours. Co-ed schools have been asked to ensure that no male employee comes near a girl student when she is alone.