No Liquor After Midnight in Noida


New Delhi: If you are in Noida and plan to Party for the New Year there is a piece of news that might disappoint. Liquor will not be served post-midnight according to the directions of the District Excise Department.

“45 event managers have already taken occasional license for serving liquor at New Year celebrations tonight. As per terms of the license, liquor can be served only up to midnight and only the liquor manufactured in Uttar Pradesh has to be served,” Kuldeep Yadav, District Excise Officer said.

“Rs 5000 is levied as fee for one-day occasional license. Those who have not applied for it can do so today and will get the same within hours,” he said.
“If liquor is found being served without occasional or permanent bar license, heavy penalty will be imposed along with severe consequences including sealing-up of the site,” Yadav added.