No Jeans Or Shorts In Patna College, Dress Code Enforced

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Patna: A college in Patna has banned girls from wearing jeans and shorts in the campus premises as per the new dress code that has been enforced. Magadh Mahila College which comes under the Patna University has issued this diktat to its students making wearing of jeans, leggings and shorts in the college as an offense. The diktat by the college will be enforced from August 16.

The college administration, which for a long time, was contemplating this move finally came out with its new dress code on Friday. College Principal Asha Singh who has issued this order says that the students of the college will have to wear, salwar-kurti with dupatta and college blazers as per the new dress code. Any students who violates the dress code will be liable to pay a fine of Rs.1000 for the first time and if she violates dress code for the second time, her name will be struck from the college roll.

“There should be a dress code in every college. Some girls in our college were wearing objectionable dress. Our girls student’s union members also raised objections on this. I myself found yesterday that some girls were wearing vulgar dress and when I objected, they did not like it”, said Asha Singh, Principal Magadh Mahila College.

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Principal of the college said that she did not have any objections to girls wearing jeans and tops but some girls were going too far and wearing dresses that many other were not comfortable with in the college. Principal said that it was the objections from girls which compelled her to bring out a dress code.

“We never stopped girls from wearing jeans and top but in the name of freedom some girls were wearing vulgar dress. A dress that is worn in a night club cannot be worn in college. Despite repeated instruction when the girls did not adhere, finally we had to make a dress code. We will penalise them and if they did not follow the dress code, we will throw them out of the college”, warned the college principal.

Many girl, however, were fine with the new dress code but insisted they should be allowed to wear leggings. “This is not the right move from the college as many girls are not willing to wears salwar-kurti to college. Girls want to wear clothes of their choice. However, I am fine with it, its not a Talibani diktat”, said Shruti, a B.Sc 2nd year student.

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