There Was No Intelligence Input On Nagrota Strike: Army


Jammu: The Army has rejected reports that there were specific intelligence inputs about the impending terror attack on the artillery regiment compound in Nagrota, which left two officers and five soldiers dead on Tuesday. However, it did not deny lapses in ensuring proper perimeter security of the camp.

“There were no specific intelligence,” asserted the outgoing Northern Army Command chief Lt-General D S Hooda on Wednesday. Another top officer, who did not want to be identified, added: “Generalised intelligence alerts, which hold high-value targets are going to be attacked, are a routine practice in J&K. They are neither specific, nor actionable. In fact, I would call it a major intelligence failure, both on part of the intelligence agencies as well as the J&K Police.”

But the Army does agree that it will have to further refine its standard operating procedures as well as strengthen the perimeter security of its camps in J&K. “But the government also has to allocate funds for strengthening the security infrastructure around military bases,” he said.

In its edition on Wednesday, TOI had reported that both the defence ministry as well as the armed forces have largely failed to act on the comprehensive recommendations of the tri-Service committee, headed by former Army vice-chief Lt-General Philip Campose, which had submitted its report six months ago. The Campose committee, which was constituted after the terror attack on the Pathankot airbase in January, has held there are several gaping holes in the existing security arrangements around the majority of military bases and installations around the country.