No Indian Will Be Left Out Of Assam Citizens’ List: Rajnath Singh


New Delhi: Home Minister Rajnath Singh makes a statement on draft NRC list on Friday. The draft released on Monday is not a final one, it was only a draft, says Mr. Singh and goes on to explain the reason for taking up the exercise.

The list has the names of Assam people and their off springs who have been living in the State before 1972. Non-Assamese but Indians citizens living in Assam have also been added to the list, provided they have proof. All genuine Indian citizens will be added to the list. There is no bias in preparing the list, he asserts.

All those have left-out in the draft will get chance to appeal and produce documents. Even after the final NRC, people can approach the foreigners tribunal. There will not be any coercive action against those left out in the list, he says.

He blames “vested interests” to use this issue to create communal disharmony. The issue is related to the country’s national security, he says.

Responding to Sukhendu Shekar Roy’s query on the status of citizens living in Assam but belong to elsewhere, Mr. Singh says proof of citizenship is adequate to be added to the list. No Indian citizen will be left out, he repeatedly says.

The NRC is a constitutionally-backed exercise, he says and adds the process in fair and transparent.