No Impact Of IMA Strike On Bengal


Kolkata: Medical Council of India calls for a 12 hours in protetask-force st of National Medical Bill on Tuesday. Indian Medical Association has joined the row. But medical service has not been interrupted anywhere in Bengal till now. Outdoor section of various district hospital and superspeciality hospital is running like other day.

Maintaining the responsibility, doctors chooses to continue their job and many doctors did not wear the black batch. Howrah District Hospital to Balurghat District and Superspeciality Hospital is normal in terms of services. ENT, Optimetry, Physitian , Orthopedic, Surgery and Medicine section is active like other day.

Balurghat Hospital Authority said, more than 1000 people got treatment since morning.
Indian Medical Association’s District Secretary informed, Emergency and Outdoor service is on simultaneously. Though the doctors are in protest of National Medical Bill but didn’t leave their job as it is a necessity for the patients.

District Senior Health Personel of Howrah said, no government’s notice till now have been produced to the hospital. The Bill have been passed on Friday. Medical Commission might get the charge of entire medical education.