No dress code at Infosys, employees can flaunt smart casuals everyday

Photo Courtesy: Avik Samaddar (Pune Infosys)

Bengaluru: To connect better with employees and arrest attrition, software major Infosys has done away with its dress code norms. It is an attempt to engage better with its employees. According to email it is effective from Monday June 1. That means Infoscions can wear jeans and casual clothes all working days, instead of just Fridays. This is the latest moves by Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka.

Considering the voice and request of various platform manegement took this decision. Further, the company said it believed that each of its employees is empowered to make the right decision regarding dress code. Culture-wise, this move has significance considering that a majority of Infosys employees are in their twenties, fresh out of college. Infosys CEO Vishal Sikka himself always wears a black t-shirt teamed with a jacket in comparison to the previous leadership who often wore Infosys monogrammed shirts for important events such as results and media interactions.
Last year, Sikka relaxed the company’s long-held rule that said employees needed to wear ties after a number of employees asked him to scrap this rule. Infosys’ rivals, such as TCS and Wipro allow employees to wear casuals only on Fridays whereas Cognizant relaxed the dress code a couple of years back.