No Departure Cards For Indians Flying Abroad


Bengaluru: Here is some good news for Indians flying abroad: Filling up departure (embarkation) cards will not be mandatory from July 1.

A notification issued by the ministry of external affairs on June 14 seeks to discontinue the departure cards for Indian passenger’s at all international airports across the country. However, filling of departure cards will continue at rail, seaport and land immigration checkposts. A copy of the notification has been accessed by The Times of India.

The move is aimed at making the immigration process a breeze-through experience for Indian passengers at the airports. “Passengers do not have to waste time near the check-in counters or near the immigration counters trying to fill up the details in the departure cards issued by the bureau of immigration. Since a passenger’s credentials and travel details are now available in the system from other sources, there is no need for duplication,” sources in the immigration department told.

Moreover, doing away with the departure card is also part of the various reforms being introduced to ensure paperless travel. Currently, Indian passengers flying to foreign countries are supposed to fill in details such as name, date of birth, date of boarding, flight information, address and purpose of visit. The departure card will be kept by the immigration authorities after being stamped.

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