No Democracy, Only ‘Idiocracy’ in Bangladesh: Taslima Nasreen


Dhaka: Controversial writer and fierce feminist Taslima Nasreen again fanned controversy by twitting that, there is no democracy in Bangladesh, its only idiocracy.

Taslima who had to fled Bangladesh after a fatwa was issued on her head by Islamic radicals, who termed her writing as blasphemous. Taslima mocking the Pseudo-secularist in India said that when India will be run over by global terror outfit ISIS, they might say, ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’.

Taslima who had vociferously voiced protest on the killing of secular blogger in Bangladesh by radical Islamic elements, lashed out at the government and said that the murderers are roaming free and boldly claiming their kill, yet the government is reluctant to initiate any step.