‘No Democracy’: Allegation Against Assembly Speaker By Left-Congress


Kolkata: No democracy in the state. The same picture is visible inside the assembly. Though we know the speaker can take the final decision but seemingly it is running on an instruction of the ruling party. Opposition are not given chance to place their thoughts. Left-Congress jointly raised the allegation against the speaker of legislative assembly, Biman Banerjee. This is bringing unreliability.

Second phase of Assembly Budget Session has started from Monday. MLAs’ of oppositions alleged that the ruling party is obstructing their statements. After this, the decision was taken to hold a joint ‘distrust movement’ against the speaker. Leader of the Opposition, Abdul Mannan, attacked the Chief Minister without naming her, saying, “Assembly is a place to raise issues of citizens. However, no chance is being offered to the opposition. The speaker is not prioritizing everyone. Therefore, the decision to bring the allegation of unreliability against the speaker is evident.”

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Sujan Chakraborty, the Left Party leader, said, “There is no democracy anywhere in the whole state. The ruling party created the same situation inside the assembly. The assembly is being run by the ruling party and one of their ‘special’ people. We are protesting this partial role of the speaker. Hence, this decision has been made.

Although there is a chaos going on inside assembly regarding unreliability of speaker. In the past, the opponents brought their trust before the assembly speaker. The session will go till March 8, 2018.