No Communication With Sons In Kerala, Bengal Families Seek Help


Berhampore: Families of several youths remain worried as they are yet to receive
any information from their sons who are stuck in flood-hit Kerala.

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The sons of families living in Murshidabad’s Raghunathganj, Sagardighi,
Hariharpara, Naoda, Beldanga, Rejinagar, Domkol, had to leave for other states to
earn money. But now there is no information about their wherabouts. Some might did
contact some days ago, but now there is no contact whatsoever.

This natural calamity has left electricity completely suspended. The families are
just counting days till when they hear anything about their sons. Almost the entire
state of Kerala is underwater and the death toll is now more that 350, It is
increasing daily.

No one knows, when will their sons return. They are just praying so that their sons
remains in good health at Kerala. They have also thought of seeking help from
higher authorities to ensure the well-being of their children in Kerala.