No More Colour Dress: Bhopal’s Sarojini Naidu College


Bhopal: Students of Sarojini Naidu Government Girls PG College in Bhopal are up in arms against the management’s decision to impose a dress code from January 1, 2017.

College management has made it mandatory for every girl to wear a pink and brown kurta with white stripes and a light brown salwar.

This means that girls would not be allowed to wear their favourite dresses and colours to college. According to the college principal Dr Ranjana Agnihotri, the decision has been taken considering a long pending demand of students.

“We have taken the feedback of students and we have this feedback in writing with us in which students have demanded a dress code for themselves,” Dr Ranjana Agnihotri said.
The girls, particularly final year students, however, are not impressed with the management’s argument.

“Final year students will just have three months in college after January 1, so what’s the point in buying this new dress. It is wastage of money as the uniform would not be of any use after three months,” a final year student said.

The rejection of the dress code is not limited to just final year students.  “All throughout school we have been wearing uniforms. In college we want some independence. At least we should be allowed comfortable clothes that we want to wear,” a second year student said.

The management, however, is adamant and has put a mannequin with the new college dress at the main gate. The notice attached to the mannequin reads that the kurta should of knee length. “The students do not really have any choice now. They have to wear the new uniform that has been prescribed or else leave the college,” a member of the college management said.

Several students have already made a representation to the college principal against the new dress code but to no avail. The management is also arguing that the new uniform will abolish the rich-poor divide.

“We have students from almost all levels of our society. So some students come wearing top end branded clothes while the poor students wear locally made clothes. This obviously makes a distinction between the rich and the poor visible to everyone. We want to get rid of this. Once everyone wears the same uniform no one would be able to distinguish between students and no one will fear inferior. Also there would no snob value based on the price of clothes,” a member of the college management said.

The Sarojini Naidu Government Girls PG college is affiliated to the Barkathullah University and though it is an autonomous college for the past 12 years it works under the administrative control of the higher education department of the government of Madhya