No bus to ply in Kolkata, Howrah on 9 and 10 July


Kolkata: Protesting against Police atrocities, the bus and mini bus owners have decided to withdraw buses from the streets on 9 and 10 July. The syndicates have decided to go for the strike since their pleas to the state government in this regard fell in deaf years. The syndicates have warned that no buses will ply in Kolkata, Howrah and the sub-urban areas of Kolkata due to which the daily passengers may feel the heat.

The bus owners of Kolkata and the districts met on Saturday and decided on the matter. The bus owner have alleged that the bus driver have to go through various atrocities of the policemen while driving buses. Fine of hefty amounts are also being collected from them. Loses are rising with each passing day. Their complaints have yielded no result. So they are being forced to take the decision.

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