No Breakthrough Yet, Viewers Watch Repeat Telecasts


Kolkata: The impasse between producers and artist over payment issue till continue. No signs of improvement till on Tuesday. Both sides locked in eye to eye confrontation. For this no shooting was held and the serials running repeat telecasts.

পরিস্থিতি আরও জটিল, আজও চলবে পুরনো এপিসোড

A meeting of Artist Forum will be held on Tuesday evening at Nazrul Mancha. This meeting will be held between artists. No producers will be in this meeting. Actor Prasenjit Chakraborty said that artists never stopped the shooting but we will be stuck to our demands.

No solution was come over payment issue after a meeting held by Artist Forum on Monday. Actor Prasenjit Chakraborty , Artist Forum general secretary Arindam Ganguly and veteran actor Soumitra Chatterjee were presented at the meeting.

Shooting of Bengali TV serials was stalled for payment issue called by the Artist’s Forum. According to sources, WATP and FCTWEI was held a meeting on 7th July and a MoU was signed. After that many serials shooting was stalled from 18th August.