No Apology But A Clarification From Jaitley Over Manmohan Remark


New Delhi: BJP did not apologise but issued a clarification over PM Modi’s remark on former PM Manmohan Singh which created a furore in Parliament over the last few days. Congress have accepted the clarification and have agreed to move on after bitter Gujarat election campaign.

Speaking in the Rajya Sabha, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said the perception that PM Modi had insinuated a collusion between Manmohan Singh and Pakistani officials was ‘erroneous’. He added that PM did not meant to question Singh’s committment towards the country and he hold his predecessor in high esteem.

“PM in his speeches didn’t question, nor meant to question the commitment to this nation of either former PM Manmohan Singh or Former VP Hamid Ansari, any such perception is erroneous, we hold these leaders in high esteem, as well as their commitment to India,” said Jaitley.

The Congress has been disrupting the parliamentary proceedings since the beginning of Winter session demanding Modi’s apology over insinuation of Manmohan Singh. Earlier this month, PM Modi had accused Congress leaders including Manmohan Singh of conducting secret meeting with Pakistan to ensure BJP loses in Gujarat elections.