‘There Is No Alternative Of A Surgical Strike’


Recent Surgical Strike Of Indian Army Was Significant In many Aspects. According to former Indian Army Chief, General Shankar Roy Chowdhury (retd), though the commando operation like the latest surgical strike is a matter of secrecy the propagation was significant to convey the world community about Pakistan’s terror sponsorship.

The General said that the operations such as recent surgical strike were not scarce for Indian Army commandos. They had done those jobs for several times. But in Kashmir front it was unprecedented. The General praised the Army jawans who participated in the surgical strike. And in his opinion, a national political consensus should be taken in context of such army operations.

To pressurize Pakistan any huge mobilization like Operation Parakram is necessary?

The General answered, if the administration gives any sort of hints the Indian Army is always ready to build up its forces and to deploy through the border. But, according to the former commander of ‘movable fortress’,the time has not come yet.

He stated that as a democratic country India always tries to solve any problem diplomatically. When diplomacy fails and adversaries break all international dictums, military options is the last straw. ‘We must keep patience’ remarked the General.

Why does China irritate India repeatedly? Maybe it Masood Azhar or border issue?

The General stressed that since 1963 China is intentionally sugaring Pakistan, especially Pak army just to play with India’s nerve. In reality, undemocratic rulers of the PRC always fear the Indian democracy. So in the General’s opinion we have to cope with this problem and show the world who is transparent, who is not.

Why does peace process with Pak government fail time to time?

Former ‘tankman’ said, because they are puppets of Pak army. Indian Army is the inseparable instrument of the democratic constitution and institution. When a democratic government gives the order, the Army moves. But in Pakistan which the army dictates, the government, elected or non-elected, has to follow that. The army is the puppet master in the neighbouring country. So, the peace talks fail every time, because Pakistani army does not want any sort of peace with India. In this perspective India must be prepared for any sort of consequences, believes the General.

(Exclusive Interview By Monishankar Choudhury)



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