Nitin Gadkari To Boycott Bengal Business Summit


Kolkata: Friday morning collision in Kolkata between BJP-Trinamool hitted the association of Central-State. Union Commerce Minister Nitin Jairam Gadkari supposed to represent the Cente in Bengal Business Summit 2018.

According to the state administration, he will not come for the business summit this year. State BJP president Dilip Ghosh said Nitin Gadkari called him. The minister told him that he was going to boycott the conference. In this situation, the Center does not want to cooperate with the State political condition. That’s why Nitin Gadkari has decided so, said Dilip.

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Dilip also supported the move of Union Commerce Minister Nitin Gadkari. He said that which political party attack the opponent we wouldn’t cooperate with them.

In fact, the North Kolkata area is highly sensitive since Friday morning due to Trinamul and BJP clash. The attack has influenced the headquarter. BJP alledgedly said the ruling party instigated the situation. After that the area became heated. BJP stalled in protest. The matter was reported to the Delhi. According to the state BJP source, All India President of BJP Amit Shah called the State BJP President Dilip Ghosh, to strengthen the movement.

There was no other way except avoiding the business summit. Because, there will be many guests at the business summit. Political attack from the entire administrative sector is not managable. It will be out of the protocol. This could be the probable reson behind the decision.