Nirbaak speaks so much!


Nirbaak! Speechless! Silence! Yes, these are few of the feelings that the cine lovers are going to live after they come out of the cinema going through 109 minutes of sheer brilliance. One might feel that the director has taken his best script from the page to the celluloid for securing the first place in the final examination of the film institute. But, in reality, the tale of four disjointed wholeness comes out from a person who is known for giving the ‘Bangalees’ the character in the likes of Arun Chatterjee, Prabir Roychowdhury and Kushal Hazra. Srijit Mukherji surfaces the different layers of love and re-defines some of the prevalent notions associated with it in his latest movie, Nirbaak!

anjan-duttNirbaak is a fragmented journey from narcissism to necrophilia. Srijit essays the role of Samson Gomes (Anjan Dutta) who is madly in love with himself. From shopping, to bathing and even rather ‘bedding’, he is completely into his aura. The self-possessed man would surely leave us with the message that ‘Love comes from within’ and that ‘within’ is no one but the self. He dies of his identity but death does not oblige him in the movie. Srijit Mukherji leaves his audience with questions in connection to identity and its crisis.


Then comes the juxtaposition of the relation between a woman and a tree. Sushmita Sen, in her new avatar in the film leaves the audience mesmerized by her charm. The alternate sexuality and the possessiveness of a tree take the concept of ‘objective corelative’ of the movie to an entire new height. Jisshu plays the intruder in Piya’s (Sen) ‘natural’ affinity.

bingiThe fragment is followed by the story of a bitch, the ‘other woman’ in Jishhu’s life. The shots and the infrared night vision perspective used by Srijit takes the movie’s narrative to an entire new plane. The animal becomes invaded with humane passions who protests against carnal instincts of human beings.


All’s well that end’s well! No, the movie does not say this. Ritwick Chakraborty plays one of the most crucial parts in his role. He brings up the issues of necrophilia. One gets reminded of ‘Porphyria’s Lover’, Robert Browning’s celebrated poem. Amidst this segment, the director fuses hindi commercial songs to depict the feeling of a person who belongs to the so called lower strata of the society. Love does not bind human beings. Then is it death!? Nirbaak says ‘No’ ! The audience goes back to the shadowgraphy of the movie and completes the cycle of what is being said to be sheer brilliance.

Srijit Mukherji creates ripples in every sensitive being’s stream of consciousness with this postmodern movie. Nirbaak says a lot without uttering much word! The background score of the movie has been designed by Neel Dutta which indeed speaks for the silence portrayed by Srijit. The roles of Anjan Dutta, Jisshu Sengupta, Ritwick chakraborty takes Bengali cinema to an entire new height. The actors come out of the stereotypical roles in Nirbaak. Last but not the least, Sushmita Sen leaves the audience aww-struck by her re-juviniated Avatar. Her grace and charm in the film compliments her re-discovered ‘Bangaliana’.

After writing so much, I would only say, Go and see ‘Nirbaak’ to re-live the magic of the un-said and the un-told.

Reviewed by Spandan Banerjee