Nine Talibans killed in faction fight


Herat: Nine talibani militants were killed in a faction fight on Monday at West Heart. The faction fight between two rival groups of the Taliban continued after new Taliban leader was elected on Saturday. With the ISIS on rise in West Asia, the international circles believed that Taliban would break up in the faction fight among themselves. The forecast has more or less turned out to be true. It is being suspected that if the fight between the two groups of the Taliban keeps on rising, it will affect the peace process with the terror outfit.

After the death Taliban leader Mollah Omar, Mollah Akhtar Mansur was declared leader by a group of the Taliban following which infighting began within the Taliban leadership since many top Taliban leaders didn’t accept Mansur as their leader. Among them is Omar’s brother Mollah Abdullah Mannan and his son Yakub.  In an Audio tape Mannan said, “Our family till now has joined any sides. We want Ulemas to solve the problem.”