Nine Aftershocks Follow Main Earthquake


Imphal: Nine aftershocks occurred till Monday noon in the wake of the 6.7 magnitude temblor that occurred in Manipur in the early hours.  The aftershocks including a 3.6 magnitude tremor were recorded by the CSIR-National Geophysical Research Institute’s broadband seismological network, which was installed in the North-east region.

“When earthquakes of this magnitude occur, they are followed by aftershocks which are expected to continue for a few days”, said D. Sri Nagesh, seismologist and head of the seismological observatory at NGRI here.

Terming the main event as a “strong earthquake”, he said that it occurred in a seismically active region where the Indian plate was subducting below the Burmese plate. It occurred at a depth of more than 25 km.

He said the region was located in intermediate-depth seismic zone where earthquakes occur up to a depth of 300 km, while shallow tremors occur up to a depth of 35 km.

He said that there were only three regions in the world where intermediate-depth earthquakes occur – Indo-Burmese plate region, Hindu Kush region and near Greece in the Aegean area.