Nigerian Child Gets New Lease Of Life In Howrah


Howrah: Miracle Chimneme, a two-year-old Nigerian child was suffering from Congenital Heart Defect (CHD), a heart problem from birth.

The doctors in Nigeria said after treating, that the child has been a victim of ‘Blue Babies’ or ‘Tetralogy Of Fallot’ (TOF) which is a cardiac anomaly that refers to a combination of four related heart defects that commonly occur together.

Seeing no further hope, the parents contacted a private hospital in Kolkata with the help of Belur Rotary Club. With the help of doctors, the child went through a successful surgery and is now in a stable condition.

Addressing a press conference, The Howrah hospital authority announced that the Nigerian couple will go back to the country next week. Many renowned doctors like Dr Debashish Das, Cardiologist Dr Amitabh Chatterjee, Belur Rotary Club President Rakesh Bhatia, Secretary Ramesh Tiwari and Hospital Facility Director Shubhashish Bhattacharyya and other important persons related to this, were present and addressed the media regarding this.

The hospital authority said that, not only Miracle but there are many children who suffers from chronic heart-disease have been treated in this hospital. The medical team has been successful in almost all the cases except some special ones. The treated children are leading normal lives like other kids. The hospital plans to organise a programme with them.

A ‘Kids Carnival’ will be arranged by the hospital authorities. The new life of children will be celebrated in various manners through the carnival, which will highlight the positivity of a happy life of them, through the programme.