Nicco Park Launches 2 New Joy-Rides For Children


Kolkata: On the occasion of Children’s Day, Nicco Park authority has launched two new joyride on Wednesday afternoon, MLA Sujit Bose and Managing Director Avijit Dutta and many children.

Last year, the committee has gifted Bhulbhulaiya. Santa Fun Land and Fleume Ride for the children. Santa Fun Land Ride has been set up at the entry with the mascot Sherur.

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Managing Director of Nicco Park Abhijit Dutta said that “Santa Fun Land is maily for the children. But elderly people will also be allowed to take ride. But one has to wear special shocks before riding the joyride.”

Nobody can carry any sharp material as the ride look like a ballon. People can jump on this. If you have spectacles, you have to take off those too. The ticket for the joyride cost Rs 60.

In last April, thirteen on-ride children have been injured by a storm. The safety measures have been questioned after the incident and the management of the Nicco Park committee has been asked for their concern over the incident. Clarifying this point, he said this that “we will stop the ride in storm time. Workers are active inside the park. They follows guidelines and in seasonal storm time, we keep the service close.”

Fleume Ride has been set in the Kid Zone which has no cost. The boat like ride is for the children. Four feet heights children will only avail the ride.

On the other hand, MLA Sujit Bose said that “It’s a nice initiative. Children will get some amusement. Previously there were no joyride in m childhood time. Now a days children are lucky now that they are getting all these before any demand. But we enjoyed the green grass which they do not experience in their life.”