NHRC Team Visited Islampur


Islampur: National Human Rights Commission members visited Darivit high school on Thursday after 21 days. A five-member delegation of the National Human Rights Commission led by DIG Chaya Sharma from Delhi came on Thursday.

The delegation first met the families of deceased two students Rajesh Sarkar and Tapas Barman. On this day, family members of the deceased students talked about the whole issue to the commission’s representatives. They also Talked with the people of Darivit village.

CID investigated the murder of students in Islampur. CID officers already went to Islampur to talk with the witnesses. On September 20, Trouble brewed over recruitment of Urdu teachers for the school. A student named Rajesh Sarkar died on the day of the incident. Another student Taposh Barman also died.

ABVP claimed dead students were their supporters. The Chief Minister said that the police did not fire. Opposition parties, including BJP, demanded a CBI probe. The state government handed over the investigation to CID. CID officers will go to Islampur tomorrow to investigate the incident.

The residents of the area have also interrogated by the Human Rights Commission representatives. However, the National Human Rights Commission’s DIG Chaya Sharma did not want to open her mouth.