Neymar’s Favourite Is Ronaldo Over Messi


Rio de Janeiro: After the Euro Cup ‘16 final ended, Antonio Grinzman had said that, this time Ballon d’Or will definitely belong to Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Barcelona team mates Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez are not Neymar’s choice. Neymar’s favourite is Cristiano Ronaldo for this year’s Ballon d’Or.

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After winning the Champions League, Cristiano Ronaldo had made his bid for the Ballon d’Or. But after winning the Euro Cup, Cristiano Ronaldo is ahead of the other players. Messi might have been closer if he had won the Copa title.

Neymar also agrees that Cristiano Ronaldo is ahead of the other players as he has won two major trophies, that is, the Champion League and the Euro Cup ‘16. Neymer said, “There is a big importance in winning the Ballon d’Or trophy. Ronaldo has won the Champion’s League trophy along with winning the Euro Cup. I think that he is in the best condition”.