Next Apple Watch Likely To Have LTE


New Delhi: Quoting Bloomberg, The Verge said this incorporation will enable Apple Watch owners to use the gadget even when they leave their iPhone at home- outside the range of its coverage.

A lot of speculations regarding the product have surfaced. For instance, Apple could choose to sell models of the watch with and without LTE, charging a premium for cellular service. This watch is most likely to require an extra data plan as well.

The gadget will probably still need to be paired with an iPhone on some level, even if the phone isn’t always in the same vicinity. The report says that battery life could be a major issue as well on a device that barely lasts a full day as it is.

Other predictions are about the design of the Apple watch. It is predicted that the watch will see a major change in its design as well. The updated watch is likely to be announced in September, alongside new iPhones.

Apple last introduced an Apple Watch, the Series 2, in September of 2016. That model added GPS and water proofing.