“NexAEI”, A New Era “Attendance App” By Bengal IT Organisation


Kolkata: The word ‘Daily Attendance’ and ‘Register’ are two co-related words. Common mass have always followed the conventional way of signing attendance register. In fact every organisation has followed this technique down the ages. But this conventional process of attendance do have some errors as most of the procedure are done manually. But in this new era of digitalization where we get every necessary goods within a click then why should the attendance lack behind, the attendance should also be ‘smart’. Keeping this in mind a Kolkata based organisation has introduced a new app.Where your attendance will be registered with one click. No headache of signature and manual attendance.

The Kolkata based IT organisation NEXVAL Infotech has introduced this new app.In this app employees will get the solution of all attendance related issues.There is no possibilities of any error. With one touch on the screen of an IPad one can easily access the attendance.And while pushing off from office one has to follow the similar process of log out with one touch on the screen of IPad. Even if an employee is working outside for office purpose there is also process by which they can easily access or give their attendance in a similar way.This app is very user friendly and if any organisation have ‘Work From Home’facilities this app will also be effective for that purpose.The name of this new app by NEXVAL is ‘NexAEI’. Beside registering the present in the attendance it also solves the holiday related issues.It means you can bid adieu to the conventional procedure of sending leave application or the E-mails. This app has certain options where you can easily apply for a leave by clicking on it.By accessing this app employees themselves can easily check their ‘leave balance’ or the leaves that are pending. This app can also show for how long one has worked.Hence, the organisation can get the result of the performance of its employees.

This app is so easy to access that apart from office, one can download the app in their smart phone and can operate it from home or anywhere else.As the whole process is done through ‘QR Code’, there is no possibility of errors in identifying the presence of someone else in place of it’s own staff or any proxy. There is a specific code for every individual employee.

Keeping in mind the convenience of the employee NEXVAL has introduced this app ‘NexAEI’. Two persons behind this innovative ideas are- the CEO Soumen Sarkar & the Co- Founder Souren Sarkar of NEXVAL. HR head Srinath Gururajarao first gave the proposal to the owner of the organisation.“Quite often attendance related and salary deduction issues were noticed,negligence in signing the attendance register was also noticed. Almost every month several issues were noticed related to the attendance.So we were trying to find out some solution to solve all these problems.Meanwhile,one evening while having a casual conversation,holding a chilled beer, suddenly the idea about this app popped up in mind,”says NEXVAL CEO Soumen Sarkar.

The Co- Founder of NEXVAL Souren Sarkar said “This idea first popped up in Srinath’s mind, the employees of his organisation brought this app after a lot of research and development work. Suggestions were taken from high level officers of various organisations. Details were taken from them regarding all the issues related to attendance and salary deduction. And accordingly this app has been designed and programmed. As a result, this app is flawless.”

However, not only the staff, the presence of any guest or visitor in the office can be recorded through this app.But, this doesn’t stop here more features are going to be added in this app,added Soumen Sarkar. In future not just the finger touch technology, but also with the help of facial recognition technology one will be able to give the attendance. There will be also ‘Voicebot’ technology. This app is accessible from anywhere across the globe. The renowned Bengali news portal Kolkata24x7 has been using this app after it was launched. Nearly,fifty staff members of this portal are gives their attendance through this app.Even the reporters who are on outdoor duty can easily give their attendance through this app. As it an user friendly app and easy to access so there is no such issues with is app as off now.