New York Celebrates ‘Hottest’ Christmas This year


New York: Before most New Yorkers even woke up Thursday morning, the city set a record for the hottest Christmas Eve in recorded history. The mercury hit 64 degrees at 12:01 a.m., topping the all-time Dec. 24 high temperature of 63 degrees set in 1996, according to AccuWeather. It’s expected to reach 74 degrees by 2 p.m. on Thursday.

Meteorologists are expecting another record-breaking day on Christmas on Friday, when the mercury is expected to hit 66 degrees. That’ll shatter the Big Apple Christmas mark of 54 degrees set in 1982.

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It’ll cool down to a high of 50 degrees on Saturday and warm up again to 65 degrees on Sunday. Unseasonably warm weather is blanketing the entire East Coast. “I just think, `Wow,’ “ said AccuWeather meteorologist Tom Kines, based in oddly toasty State College, Pa. “When I walked outside this morning and it was 60 degrees, it felt like a spring morning.”

Even in the farthest northern reaches of Canada, it’ll be a shockingly warm 50 degrees on Thursday. In another example of just how remarkably warm it is right now in Gotham, the mercury hit 75 degrees this past Fourth of July – so just a single degree more than Thursday’s high.

It’ll be hotter in New York than in sunny Southern California on Thursday and Friday, where La La Land residents will experience 63- and 60-degree days, respectively.